On Your Mark. . .


Get ready to read about the highs and lows of a writer’s life; the advantages of marrying a spouse before dating him; the appropriate etiquette for participating in a voodoo healing ceremony; how to hide from a stalker;  the trials of applying the principles of AA to book hoarding; how to keep friends during an election year; the real trouble with dealing with Lyme Disease; the genius of my favorite philosopher, Burt Reynolds;  what cakes and cookies have in common with wall paper paste; how to prevent fermentation of the brain; contagious food fetishes; and, well, whatever else come to mind.

5 thoughts on “On Your Mark. . .

    1. Judy Mercier

      Very cool, Terry! I look forward to reading more–and I was excited to see that Cooley and Rose is coming out in 2013. I look forward to our dinner get together on the 16th. Decided on a place yet?

  1. patti patti

    Terry love your stories.Mom is looking thru these too..I told her she would be sorry she didn’t keep the pc we got her for Christmas.She is missing all this good stuff you put in here!


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