In the Clear Light of this Morning. . .

While drinking hot tea this morning, I read what I wrote yesterday evening and remembered why for many years I refused to drink and write, then publish.  Oh, well, now I’m reminded of how those pesky tenses will play with time without a clear mind to keep order.  My apologies.

But this brief post is about tea.

Each morning for the past week I’ve drank cistus incannus tea and, for a hour afterward, felt nauseous. But I’ve continued to sip for medicinal reasons because this crisp brew is one of my many tools against Lyme Disease.  Popular in Greece but almost unknown in the U.S., it is supposed to make the body repellent  to ticks which are abundent in southeast Virginia this fall, thanks to climate change.  It is also credited for breaking break ups the nasty bacterial biofilms in the blood and helps with healing.  Knowing all of this has made it easy for me to deal with the nausea, a Herxhiemer’s sign that something good is going on within me. A healing.

One thought on “In the Clear Light of this Morning. . .

  1. Terry Perrel Post author

    For those of you with Lyme Disease and are curious about cistus incannus tea, let me give you an update on my experience. My nausea continues most mornings which makes me assume that it’s breaking up biofilms. I won’t know for sure until my blood is re-examined in a couple of months.

    Because of this reaction, I’ve moved from a mug to a small cup, and I’m being careful not to let the tea over steep. For some reason, why, I’m not sure, I think it’s more curative to drink this on an empty stomach. Immediately afterward, I eat a couple of nut crackers as I wish away the nausea.

    A couple of people online reported that this tea whitened teeth, but I find the opposite to be true. In fact, the staining seems to worse than that caused by coffee.


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