Sometimes I Just Need a Break from the Lyme Regimen.

During the holidays I gave up drinking my morning cup of cistus icannus tea, an aid to breaking up biofilms caused by Lyme Disease, because I couldn’t take another day of feeling nauseous.  I also cut back on my Noni Microbial Defense but continued with reishi extract for extra autoimmune support during the day and added black cumin oil capsules at night.

My nausea and fatigue eased.  My sleep improved, and the purple striations and nodes on my fingers caused by the bartonella bacteria began to disappear.  I attribute the last two changes to black cumin oil.

After New Year’s I started up my Noni again without any herxing, and three days ago I returned to drinking cistus icannus.  I haven’t experience any nausea at all. Again, I suspect that the black cumin oil is working wonders in conjunction with the low-dose naltrexone (LDN) I started last May when my doctor steered me toward building up my autoimmune system.  Within four months of taking LDN, many of my symptoms associated with MS had disappeared.

Although all of us who have Lyme Disease have much in common, we also differ in how the disease expresses itself in our bodies, and many of us, with our health care professionals, are feeling our way through this process, the ever-changing treaments.

Because I grew tired of reading about the disease often rebounding in patients who’d taken antibiotics, I chose a LLD physician who’s a functional medicine advocate and honors my desire to take a homeopathic and bio-energetic approach.  We work as a team, and when I come up with ancillary treatments, such as the tea, the Reiki and the black cumin oil, he goes along with me and tracks my progress.  Or lack thereof.  When he thinks I will benefit from various other treatments, I read about them and most often take his advice.  For example, I hope to undergo electroaudiagnosis by Voll (EAV) in the next few months.  When the time comes, I’ll write about that.

Also, in an earlier post, I mentioned a blog by a courageous young woman who has taken the opposite approach to what I have chosen.  A couple of days ago, a friend told me that blog was no longer at the address I had listed. ( To tell the truth, I probably misremembered, which happens often with a Lyme mind.)  To read about her day-to-day struggle, go to  (Yes, it’s really there.  I wrote down the address this time.)

For those of you who do not suffer from Lyme’s Disease and came here expecting a story, thank you for staying with me.  Despite what you read in the media, many people believe that Lyme Disease is seldom cured with a month or two of antibiotics, except in cases of those freshly bitten.  In fact, the jury is still out on whether it can be cured at all.  But you do need to know that this is a disease with a stealth bacteria and a neurological component.  Everyday people who were originally diagnosed as having MS, ALS, and Parkinson’s are learning that, instead, they actually have Lyme’s.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Need a Break from the Lyme Regimen.

  1. Judy

    You are remarkable, Terry, as I am not sure I could do what you are doing and be so pleasant about it all. My goal for this year is patience (with others and with myself) and tolerance (with others and myself). I tend to get “angry” at my body when it is not functioning the way I think it should be–and as I age, I find this anger is anything but productive. You are now my “model,” as I find your ability to not only cope with–but manage–this disease truly inspiring. My proverbial hat is off to you.

  2. Terry Perrel Post author

    Judy, I take a LOT of B12 and do several hours of Iyanger yoga each week. Both help tremendously. If I forgo either one, I become frustrated and cranky. Sidney will testify to that.

  3. Sarah B

    What dosage of black cumin oil do you take? Are you still taking it? Is it still working for you? I noticed you wrote this blogpost in 2013 and am curious what you take now. I realize every Lyme patient is different. My son is suffering terribly with Lyme, babesia and bartonella, and we are looking for alternative treatments. The stomach and head pain are the worst for him, and nothing he takes or does relieves it.

    1. Terry Perrel Post author

      Hi, Sarah, I constantly change treatments, but my current one includes 1 t. of cold-pressed black cumin oil each day. In addition, I used Spooky 2 for rifing the Stegmann program and also take wild Mediterranean oregano oil. I, too have, bab and bart but had others one, too, such as tularemia and rickettsitis,that were eradicated by using cancelling drops created from the results of EDT, electrical dermatological testing. I am well enough that last year I returned to doing cardio. I am up to 11 or so hours a week. I believe Lyme, bart and bab cannot be totally eradicated, only managed, so I will probably treat myself forever. I do not take any antibiotics. In mid November, I plan to start a Chem-Floux-Aviva program that came the Netherlands. There are claims that it eradicates everything. We shall see. All to this said, you might want to try Byron White’s A-Bart formula and read about Spooky 2 which is affordable and allows for remote riding. There are user pages on FB. For me, bab are bart are scarier than Lyme. Good luck. Stay in touch if you want.


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